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Environmental sustainability

Hotel Lucy was realized in a 19th century building, perfectly insulated thanks to its thick walls (up to 1 meter width). The building has also been renewed with specific materials allowing to tuck up from weather elements, in agreement with the newest environmental legislation.
The hotel is being managed according to a eco-friendly way of life: eco bulbs and led lights and, if not possible, presence detectors, in order to avoid any electricity waste. Solar panels constantly produce hot water and each sink and shower tap is provided with a flow reducer, avoiding water waste. Magnetic sweeteners are used during linen washings, with the aim to reduce soap amounts. Ecologic and/or totally natural products are used for washing and cleaning.
Our guests are also kindly asked to follow a sustainable behaviour, through separate waste collection and mindful towel usage avoiding frequent changes.


Mineral water is not sold here: our guests are always invited to drink water flowing from our sinks. 
Plastic glasses have also been replaced by glass ones to be re-used many times.
Sustainable mobility is promoted by bicycle rental in the hotel, where our guests may as well get information about bicycle paths in the surroundings. 
We also promote typical local wine and food: our guests may enjoy local wine, oil, typical vegetables in oil and biologic soap for body care.
Hotel Lucy takes part in several social and ecologic campaigns in cooperation with Legambiente Trani, as “Mal’aria”, against city smog (2006 and 2008) and “Compostando, da rifiuto a risorsa”, a set of seminars for primary school pupils in Trani about home composting. 

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